Find an Advisor

Find a Prescott Arizona Income Property Advisor 
Working with a real estate professional who specializes in Prescott income properties and residential real estate will be invaluable to your successful real estate investment acquisition. A professional who has experience in the Prescott income property market will understand your needs and desires better and will be current on the availability of income property in your area than a “regular” Prescott real estate agent.   Your Prescott Income Property Advisor should also have:

  • Extensive experience in the trade of residential income properties
  • Relevant knowledge of the  Arizona Residential Landlord & Tenant Act
  • Information on City of Prescott and Yavapai County rules and regulations concerning rental properties and property transfer
  • Awareness of borrowing guidelines for income properties in your area, as well as local lenders who seek income property investors
  • Knowledge of typical closing costs of Prescott income properties, as well as what title companies and escrow officers are proficient in processing income properties
  • A strong sense of market value for different properties in different areas.
  • A complete grasp of the Internet and how the real estate industry is changing because of the web.  Prior to spending time with just any real estate agent, check out their web site.  According to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), over 80% of home buyers are starting their home search on the Internet.  When it’s time to sell, don’t you want to use the same agent who already knows your property?

Once you have found a knowledgeable, experienced Prescott Income Property advisor, spend time with him or her prior to searching for properties to learn from them as much as you can about income properties (appraisal techniques, market capitalization rates, income analyses, city by-laws, etc.)

 Learn how your agent works (how they will send you listings? How often they intend to take you out to visit properties? How quickly will they respond to your calls? etc.). Get a general sense of their work ethic and how well you will be able to work together to acquire Prescott real estate.